Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP)

vCloudpoint zero clients utilize its Dynamic Desktop Protocol for remote desktop display. This protocol consists of Graphic Acceleration, Virtual Audio and USB Redirection for delivering a full PC experience.


Unlike other remote display protocols, such as the Window built-in RDP (+ RemoteFX), SPICE for open source KVM virtualization platforms, and the various protocols derived from them, the DDP is completely original from vCloudpoint, and with lots of optimization. In terms of image transmission and operation processing, DDP Graphic Acceleration module provides efficient image compression, transmission and coding, to ensure PC-like smoothness and responsiveness; additionally it reduces image compression loss to improve pixel resolution and color rendition as well as reducing network bandwidth and host resource consumption to optimize multi-process processing capabilities so that experience of multi-user scenarios can be the same as that of single user. In terms of audio transmission, the DDP virtual audio driver supports stable I / O bi-directional audio, and uses high code rates, bit rates, and sample rates to deliver high-definition audio quality while guaranteeing millisecond-level delayed audio transmission.

In terms of the USB device support, DDP USB device re-director achieve stable USB device support by extending the physical USB bus with virtual USB bus. Remote USB device can be recognized in a few seconds when connected, without requiring a dedicated client driver installed. In a multi-user environment, storage device isolation is also enabled by users for data security and some restrictions or side problems of USB redirection that may be encountered in other competitive solutions are eliminated with our solution.

Full HD Video

  • Full HD

    Real full HD offline and online video

  • Media

    Any media format, any media player

  • Resolution

    30fps, smooth in 1920*1080 resolution

  • Videos

    25 simultaneous 1080p videos on an i7 host

High Quality Audio

  • High quality

    16 bits 44.1/48 KHz high quality

  • OS versions

    Play and record in all supported OS versions.

  • Synchronized

    Fully synchronized, only 0.1-0.2 sec delay.

  • Configuration

    No configuration required, plug and play.

Broad USB Devices

  • Peripherals

    Supports a broad range of peripherals.

  • Driver configuration

    Client driver configuration not required.

  • Plug and play

    Plug and play, works any time.

  • Side issues

    No side issues like multiple printer copies or memory devices visible to everyone.