vCloudpoint Zero Client Computing

vCloudpoint zero clients, combined with vMatrix software, provide an advanced way of desktop computing called “sharing computing,”  which delivers the same PC experience to users at a fraction of the cost of a typical PC solution while still offering a variety of benefits over PCs.


Extend 1 PC For 100 Users

The vCloudpoint Zero client is a network computer terminal that effectively allows multiple users to simultaneously share the untapped resources of a PC desktop while still providing users with the same PC experience.

“It is not just a computer terminal.
But a new way to deliver desktop.”
Replace desktops with

vCloudpoint Zero Clients, Savings

As there are no moving parts and all processing and storage is centralized to only what is running on the host, the vCloudPoint zero client is also known as an ultra-thin client. So, it doesn't need to install any local drivers or handle patches. It also doesn't need to pay for or update the local operating system. A more secure endpoint is provided by the device's minimal power consumption, tamper-resistance, and complete inability to store any data locally.
  • 95% Savings

    In Maintenance Cost.

  • 70% Savings

    In Capital Cost.

  • 90% Savings

    In Future Upgradation.

  • 95% Savings

    In Power Consumption.

A1, S100 & V1