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vCloudpoint is the registered brand of Shenzhen Cloudpoint Technology Co., Ltd.

Which specializes in providing advanced computing solutions to improve organizations’ business and service values. Our focus is on helping our customers realize the highest ROI on computing spending by shifting the traditional computing infrastructure to a new centralized model. Our goal is much simpler. We provide proven computing solutions to help customers reduce costs, enhance security, and boost productivity so they can concentrate more on their business or service.
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We do much more than simply deliver products and services. At vCloudpoint we create a standard structure of deployment based on the concerns of our partners and customers. Rather than outsiders, customers are more involved as the source of vCloudpoint products. They gain better access to the entire process, from researching to  developing to marketing. To better define ourselves, we are listeners and producers that turn our target audience’s ideas into finished deployment. Sometimes we are also forward-thinkers who are a step ahead, realizing what our customers may need.


We are incessantly preoccupied with delivering products of the highest quality. We obsess over the small details. That means getting every single little detail right, from perfecting each pixel on the desktop to reducing the nanosecond delays in data delivery. Besides, we never take our eyes away from big issues like scalability and reliability. So we can deliver the proven solutions you need on your premises and make the most on your budget and resources. Instead of spending on advertising, we devote most of our resources on product refinement and customer service. Through word-of-mouth referrals, we have become one of the most popular computing solutions out there.


We offer advanced and elegantly simple solutions, backed by best practices, to improve the user experience. From deployment to management, user interface to inner operation, we continuously test every aspect of our products with a real user viewpoint to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. To make it simple, technologies come with us, but experiences intend to stay with the customers.

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Our awesome core team


Viswanathan M
Viswanathan M

Viswanathan (Viswa) has more than 15 years of experience in the sales leadership function. He has built partner businesses across India with efficient channel management. Viswa has helped organizations grow multifold in his previous positions, both in terms of top line and bottom line.

Currently, Viswa functions as the Director of vCloudpoint India. He founded vCloudpoint in India and is responsible for the profitability and growth of vCloudpoint in India. Viswa has an MBA in Marketing and Operations, and he has his Bachelor’s in Electrical Electronics Engineering.

Jayanthi V
Jayanthi V

Jayanthi has more than 10 years of experience in handling Marketing and finance, currently she heads the Marketing and Finance for VCloudpoint. She is a Engineering Graduate in Electronics and communication Engineering. She is currently coordinating with various marketing company to create a brand awareness of VCloudpoint to reach the maximum Potential market space. She take care of Events and various trade shows as well across India.

Anup Das
Anup Das
Head Technical Support

Anup has more than 12 years of experience in managing systems and networks across various enterprises. Currently, he Works as the Head of Technical Support at vCloudpoint India. He is responsible for ensuring efficient operations of vCloudpoint solutions at all customer locations. In the last three and a half years, he has guaranteed 99.9% SLAs for all its customers.

Anup is a Computer Science Engineering graduate, and he is fluent in multiple languages.

Prem kumar C
Prem kumar C
Head Pre-Sales

Prem has more than 11 years of experience in the IT industry with expertise in System Administration, Windows and VMWare servers, and Virtualization. Currently, he functions as the Presales Head of vCloudpoint India. He is responsible for training partners and ensuring that various sales regions achieve their numbers. In the last few years at vCloudpoint, he has ensured seamless demonstrations and solution definition of vCloudpoint solutions.

Prem has a Bachelors’ in Computer Applications and is certified by Microsoft and AWS and he is fluent in multiple Languages.

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