Shared Computing

Remote Destop Services (RDS) Solution


What is Shared Computing

vCloudPoint’s Shared Computing (RDS) solution allows multiple users to simultaneously share the resources of a single machine.
With vMatrix Server Manager running on the Windows Operating System, multiple vCloudPoint client users connect to a single machine through a remote desktop session, sharing the same OS, the applications and the compute resources but working independently in their own session.
vCloudPoint’s RDS solution is a simple and cost-effective computing solution and works best for use cases which have groups of users that have similar needs in terms of applications and desktop configuration.

Supported Systems

vMatrix Server Manager can run on any Windows Client & Server system (excluding home basic and starter editions).

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Max. Connections

vMatrix Server Manager permits up to 99 users per shared system. The actual number of connected users depends on the host configuration and the type of applications used.

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Client Devices

vMatrix Server Manager communicates with S100 zero client, V1 zero client, Windows device with vMatrix Client software.

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Shared Computing Features



Low Cost

The vCloudPoint’s RDS deployment is less resource-hungry, allowing IT to add additional users for a low resource cost or reduce the amount of hardware it uses. All users’ sharing of a single OS image also minimizes software licensing costs.

Rapid Deployment

The installation of RDS is as easy as 1, 2, 3. With simple user account creation and device connections, a new seat can be set up in minutes. An entire computer lab can be completed in a few hours compared to days or weeks with PCs.


Easy Maintenance

There is no typical training required to manage the vCloudPoint RDS deployment, as there are few components and the vMatrix Server Manager is user-friendly and intuitive to use. With all users working on a single image, software maintenance like installations, patches, and updates are minimized to just on the shared host.

Comprehensive Software

With vMatrix Server Manager, IT administrators can manage all remote desktop users and devices centrally and remotely at the server side. Besides, IT administrators can display their desktop to the users, communicate with them through the internal chat tool, provide support through monitoring and control over the remote desktops.