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vCloudPoint for KPOs

Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies mainly do a number of tasks for which a desktop infrastructure is an overkill. In addition, KPOs typically are space constrained and want to accommodate more infrastructure in the given space. vCloudPoint allows for the desktop to be shared with up to 100 users and at the same time the zero clients occupy the least amount of space. It offers the flexibility and scalability that the KPOs desire at a fraction of a cost that they would otherwise be spending with the added advantage of enhanced security.


  • Share one PC with up to 99 users
  • Secure user isolation and rich user experience
  • Deployment across the organization within hours, as it involves creating only user accounts, connecting zero clients and peripherals
  • Save 70% in capital costs, 95% in electricity costs, 90% in maintenance costs and 90% in future upgradation
  • Enhanced security – avoid malware threats, desktop corruption and equipment theft
  • Eliminates risk of data loss with storage free vCloudPoint zero clients ensuring confidentiality of client data
  • Zero e-waste and zero footprint
  • User friendly – easy to setup, maintain and manage
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