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What Are We

vCloudPoint is the registered brand of Shenzhen Cloudpoint Technology Co., Ltd which specialize in providing innovative computing solutions to improve organizations’ business/ service value. Our focus is helping our customers realize the highest ROI of computing spendings by shifting the the traditional computing infrastructure to a new centralized model. Our goal is much simple. We provide proven computing solutions to help customers reduce costs, enhance security and boost productivity so they can concentrate more on their business or service.

How We Grow

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Customer Mouth Referrals
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Our Core Values Set Us Apart From Our Competitors


We do much more than simply deliver products and services. At vCloudpoint, we create unique products from concerns of our partners and customers. Rather than outsiders, customers are more involved as the source of vCloudPoint products. They gain the better access to the entire process from researching, development to marketing. To better define ourselves, we are listeners and producers that turn our target audience’s ideas into products. Sometimes we also are forward-thinkers that are a step ahead realizing what our customers may need.


We are incessantly preoccupied with delivering products of the top quality. We obsess over the small details. That means getting every single little detail right – from perfecting each pixel on the desktop, to reducing the nano-second delays in data delivery. Besides, we never take our eyes away from big issues like scalability, and reliability. So we can deliver the proven solutions you need on your premises and make the most of your budget and resources. Instead of spending on advertising, we devote most of our resources on product refinement and customer service. Through word-of-mouth referrals, we have become one of the most popular computing solutions out there.


We offer advanced and elegantly simple solutions – backed by best practices – to improve user experience. From deployment to management, user interface to inner operation, we continuously test every aspect of our products with real user viewpoint to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. To put it simply, technologies come with us, but experiences intend to stay with the customers.

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